How can I take pictures with feeling?

When taking photos, we should pay attention to hand feeling, and when looking at photos, we should pay attention to eye contact. When we say photos are good, we praise them as “blockbuster”, but where does this feeling come from?Is it the subject, the scene, the texture, the light and shade, the color, or something else?It can be said that yes or no, the key is how to freeze the feeling in the picture.

Do you want to know how to take photos with feelings? Teach you how to start with feeling.

Duplicate textures

In daily life, we are surrounded by texture materials everywhere. Whether it is leaves, floors, trunks, buildings, lights, clouds, or even spider webs hanging on trees, we can find the existence of textures. Try to scale them up in the picture and use close up photography to make them the main body.

Textured object surface

Orderly arrangement of objects

Details of object surface characteristics

Geometric pattern

In the texture, you can also dig out the geometric patterns, such as the square of the floor tile, the fence grid, the circular window, etc., which can also be used as the main body to add artistic aesthetic style to the texture shooting.

Find geometry from textures

Look for light and shadow

The high contrast of strong light and shadow makes the photo more interesting. To capture light and shadow, you can shoot at an appropriate time (such as morning, evening and other side lights) or under artificial light sources (such as stage spotlights, night lights, etc.). Backlighting and silhouette are also common techniques.

Light dark high contrast

On the other hand, the flat light with low light ratio contrast can bring a fresh and light look, which is suitable for shooting Japanese sketch style works, or expressing light emotions (such as morning time, fresh air, cool weather, etc.).

High key low contrast

Black and white decolorization

Then, one of the best ways to enhance the effect of light and shadow is to use black and white style. The black and white light with high contrast is bright and dark, which can greatly increase the sense of dramatic conflict in the photo, and remove the color information, so that the reader can focus more on the light, shadow and outline of the picture.

You can directly use black and white mode to shoot what you see, or later turn color photos into black and white. In addition, if the function allows, use RAW format to shoot, retain more details of the content, and reserve space for later stage, and then use APP or computer software for final processing. Black and white highlights and dark details are more important than color photos.

Complete black and white details

Color bias

Focusing on the color of objects and the biased adjustment of the overall color of the screen, based on the content of the scene, create a mood that conforms to the creation theme.


Evening and autumn, warm and comfortable


Cool and fashionable, film quality


Film tone, LOMO interest


Steady and profound, revisiting the past

Take a feeling picture

Have you found your “feeling”?