Full introduction to square composition skills

A long time ago

I often climb over the wall to see the photos taken by big V of rape ins

At that time, I really felt

Why do people like to take square photos

And it’s amazing

It’s so beautiful???

But later I saw too many beautiful movies

I found that there is a routine to follow

If you want to be famous, oh, no, you want to learn something practical

Today, let’s take a look at some of the composition skills of Xiaobian


If you’re lucky

Maybe one day he will become a famous TV star

(After all, there is no dream to be a man. What’s the difference between being a man and salted fish?)


First of all, compared with rectangular composition, if the picture of square composition can be concise and clear, and the focus of shooting is placed on or close to the center of the square, it will be easy to achieve the prominent effect of the main body, so that people can see where the line of sight should be.

-Half to half composition-

Maybe a lot of people will use the three part composition method when taking pictures, but they think that the half and half split photos are more rigid. However, in square photos, if the half and half composition can skillfully use light, shadow and color to make a sharp contrast between the subject and the background, it often has unexpected effects.

-Leave blank-

In addition to making the shooting theme close to the center of the square to highlight the main body, leaving a large area of blank space in the picture is also a simple composition technique to keep the picture simple and the main body prominent. White space is not only used in rectangular composition, but also particularly important in square composition.


Because the square itself has a sense of balance, it is a very practical skill to use symmetry for composition. Especially when shooting buildings, it can show the grand atmosphere of the buildings~

-Use lines-

Shooting buildings is a favorite theme for many mobile photography enthusiasts. They often skillfully use various natural lines such as arcs to shoot semicircles and partially combine buildings with people. Although square is not as visual extension as rectangular perspective, it can be compensated by using lines.

-Frame the view-

It’s a bit boring to take photos with all kinds of techniques and rules. If you are a person who likes to take photos everywhere with your mobile phone, you can try to use dislocation to frame some scenes, which will be more interesting than an ordinary square photo~

-The main body is fully covered-

When you encounter daily sundries, or flowers, plants, food, etc. as the subject of photography, you can spread them all over the screen, and then take a flat shot or a vertical overhead shot. This is how the photos are forced!

-Cut a part-

Compared with the relatively conservative composition of the rectangle, the square can boldly use the open composition, cut off part of the main body, and destroy its integrity. After all, sometimes it is beautiful to have defects.


Here’s an Amway movie called Mommy

Because the first half of it is a special piece with 1:1 composition

Interested basin friends might as well have a look~