Everyone is a photographer 20 finalists for the 2019 Three Shadows Photography Award

2019 Three Shadows HallPhotographyThe exhibition and award ceremony will be held on April 6, 2019. This year’s Photography Awards received 534 contributions, including 20worksSelected for the 11th Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition. Looking at all the contributions this year, a certain number of contributors have identities or backgrounds other than artists. We are pleased to see that in the age of “everyone is a photographer”, the diversity of authors was inspired, and they explored themselves and their internal and external connections with the world through the media of images in different ways and angles.

The Palace Museum for Painting in the Sky Chen Jiangyu

Looking for the peerless Zhou Yulong

Migration Wang Yingying

Group Photo of the First Women’s Meeting Jiang Feiran


The Sea Li Jianhong