Can you make good films in strong sunlight?

Flip through the photography textbook and most of the recommended shooting times suggest “seize the prime time before and after dawn and dusk”. Then the question comes again – can’t you really take photos in the daytime?

The word “no suggestion” in photography does not mean “no permission”. Trying to practice is the fun of photography, and breaking the rules can often bring you a different perspective.

How to shoot in full sunlight?

Here are some key points you can try:

『 Control exposure 』

The sun is strong during the day, and the exposure reference point should be carefully controlled. Click the screen focus box and select the scene in the middle. When the light ratio in the scene is too strong, the underexposure is preferred to avoid overexposure of highlights. The dark details can be adjusted later.

“Look for dynamic scenes”

Sufficient sunlight is very advantageous for representing the light receiving level, color and texture of the scenery. Highlights, middle tones, different levels of darkness, as well as various bright colors and textures with rich details are found in the shooting, making the picture more colorful and rhythmic.

A little earlier and a little later

If you are not good at dealing with the outdoor scenes with high brightness and high contrast brought by the strong sunlight at noon, you should make good use of the shooting time in the morning and later in the afternoon. Different from the low angle sunlight in prime time, the sunlight intensity in the afternoon is stronger and the plasticity of the scenery is clearer.

Look for shadows

Since there is sufficient sunlight, the corresponding shadow elements must be more abundant. Take the sunlight and the shadow blocked by the scenery as the main body of the content, and start with the direction, shape and proportion of the shadow to find the projection with aesthetic design and interact with the shadow of creative characters. Shadow elements can greatly enhance the interest of the picture in daytime shooting.

Research shape

The shape and outline of buildings, the composition materials of facades, etc., show the details of geometric shapes and materials in the transition of sunlight. Through the conversion of different angles and light levels, there are many possibilities of change.

“Use straight light”

Don’t think it is difficult to use the bright light in the daytime. When you have time, you don’t need to be limited to the light and dark contrast and angle. Make full use of the bright light. Use the composition angle perpendicular to the background plane, and you can easily take a flat, regular and beautiful picture.

“Search the sunny side”

If the film can not be produced smoothly under the sun all the time, you may as well reverse your thinking and excavate the scene from a large area of back sun. Due to the reflection and scattering of sunlight in the environment, in sunny days, there is also enough light illumination at the back of the sun, which is also suitable for shooting and creation, and the tone is unified and comfortable. Therefore, when the sun is strong, it is also a good background choice to look for the back of the building and the interior with light.