Award winning works of Sony World Photography Competition in 2018 (professional group)

Sony WorldPhotographyThe competition is open to all photographers in the world, and a group of the best photographers in the world will be selected every year. The award selection of Sony World Photography Competition is highly authoritative in the photography industry, which can greatly help the career of the winning and shortlisted photographers. As one of the largest photography competitions in the world, Sony World Photography Competition not only attracts a large number of emerging photographers to participate in each year, but also wins the prize in 2018worksIt has been baked. Let’s have a look with Xiao Bian.

A piece of handwritten paper neatly folded and hidden in the rock crevice, carved with stones of crosses, and a pile of tender branches carefully bound with ribbons. These are offerings of religious belief, known as “Ex Votos”, which can be seen in Christian pilgrimage sites around the world. These vows are often placed anonymously and hidden in hidden places. The pilgrims expressed their hope and gratitude through vows, and established a tangible narrative between faith, people and scenery. The shooting location of the project is selected in the pilgrimage sites of Lourdes (France), Balivini (Ireland) and Grabarka (Poland), including the official portrait of the shooting object and the left mark, the large landscape photo and the small still life photo with rich details. These photos are made of 5×4 large frame film, which makes people feel an extraordinary peace and reflects the mysterious and eternal atmosphere of these spiritual meditation sites. With the interweaving of place, memory and history, people and scenery become one. Note: All photos are unnamed and were taken in 2016 and 2017.

   © Alys Tomlinson, UK, winner of the first prize of discovery category of professional group in 2018 Sony World Photography Competition

Picking sheep on horseback is a violent and ancient folk entertainment in Afghanistan. The riders fiercely seize the body of an animal and throw it to a designated place. Sixteen years have passed since the United States led Allies invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban regime. Now the movement is controlled by rival warlords. They can do whatever it takes to maintain their power in this once again fragmented and unstable country.

   © Balazs Gardi, Hungary, winner of the first prize in sports category of the professional group of Sony World Photography Competition 2018

In the vast snow scene of Fukushima Heights, I caught the invisible pain caused by nuclear radiation. Inspired by Japanese prints, I hope to capture the fleeting moment and sense of the changing nature in the place where the cumulative dose of nuclear radiation is the most. I used a Geiger counter to measure the quantity of Bq of nuclear pollution, which is a unit representing atomic decay and the number of mutations per second. I want to show the changes of atoms in my photos through a kind of dislocation surreal expression. The transparent effect and broken perspective create a dynamic shape, an impermanent world. Then, I create a visual effect that is vibrating and divorced from reality, so that people can feel the existence of nuclear radiation in the photos. This shooting technique reshapes and distorts the landscape, making people feel dizzy and exposing the dangers hidden behind the white landscape.

   © Florian RUIZ, France, winner of the first prize of creative category of professional group in Sony World Photography Competition 2018

Spurgeons ACADEmy) is located in the center of Kibera slum, where narrow streets and alleys form an intricate maze. Every Wednesday, the students will move the chairs and benches out of the classroom and clean the floor. The school uniforms were replaced by colorful clothes. Then, teacher Mike WaMaya When they came to the classroom, the students took their places, one hand holding the concrete wall, just like holding the bar in the ballet room. A small portable speaker transmits classical music, and the teaching begins. Ballet lessons are part of the charity activities carried out by the charitable organizations of Anos Africa and One Fine Days in slums of Kenya. In Nairobi, they worked with two schools in Kibera and one in Mathare. Masari is another slum closer to the city center. Dancing is a way for children to express themselves, and it strengthens their confidence in life and makes them believe that they can make a difference. Today, some children spend several days a week dancing in a studio called “Dance center Kenya” in the upper community of Nairobi, and living in a boarding school. Their talent for dancing helped them get rid of the harsh conditions in the slums.

   © Fredrik Lerneryd, Sweden, winner of the first prize in contemporary issues of professional groups in the 2018 Sony World Photography Competition

This photography project named “Building” is an exploration of the typical shape of buildings. When the functional elements are removed, the building presents a pure geometric solid shape. As a result, they seem uninhabitable. However, these buildings raise questions about the function and availability of public and private spaces for buildings.

   © Gianmaria Gava, Italy, winner of the first prize of professional group architecture in the 2018 Sony World Photography Competition